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How many co2? February 22, 2009

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We measure the amount of co2 saved by our wonderful clients using our cargo bicycle and other co2 saving measures we have implemented.  Between September 2008 and January 2009, we saved 185,432 grams of co2 from being released into our environment.  That’s about what 2 average adult people weigh or 100 boxes of kitty litter or 1,854 large chocolate bars.  Hey we can’t say we are solving the problem but we are definately reducing our footprint!


Fluctuating Fuel Charge Back to ZERO – Yippee!! February 22, 2009

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Our clients were happily surprised when they checked our website (rates page) to see the posted fuel surcharge rate for December.  “It’s like an early holiday gift” said Bob, one of our biggest car courier users.  “Usually these charges don’t disappear, they’re like taxes – once given, they are forever”.

Courier Co-op Toronto did not raise its rates by adding fuel surcharge – that wouldn’t be fair to our clients.  When the gas prices got really crazy, we knew we had to do something to help the hard working couriers who drive cars to maintain their standard of living through the gas price crisis.  We added fuel surcharge.  We did not want to make it a rate increase or a cash grab so we made it fluctuate with prices and we gave 100% of the fuel surcharge to the driver who incurred the costs.  Most courier companies pocket 40 – 50 percent of the fuel surcharge while the drivers effectively get a pay cut because they pay the bills.  We don’t do that.  We are demonstrating leadership in improving employment standards.  Let us know what you think.

Cargo Bike – Follow the Leader November 28, 2008

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Lately we have spotted another cargo bike around town.  That makes us proud that we have succeeded in our mission to take a leadership role in reducing the eco-footprint of the same day courier industry. 

We introduced the latest Bilenky cargo bike to Toronto in July of this year.  It is an amazing rear loading design with the weight of the cargo very low to the ground.  These features combined make it safer for the courier and traffic.  We can carry up to 250lbs, any shape or size.  We have added a removable waterproof bag that will let us carry packages all winter long without damage to our clients’ valuable packages. 

We recently held a contest to name our cargo bike.  You may see photos of “Cookie” here.

Toronto Cyclists Union survey October 9, 2008

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Copied from the Spacing blog:

I went for a walk on the weekend with some visitors from Windsor and, as usually happens with visitors to Toronto, they remarked on the sheer amount of cyclists riding around the city. What also strikes visitors is the diversity of the riders in terms of age, gender and perceived social and economic class — in some cities, biking is still thought of as either a kids-thing or, as I wrote in Spacing’s car issue, something people do when their license is suspended for a DUI. Not so in Toronto. The Toronto Cyclists Union is taking a survey of its members and Toronto cyclists in general to get a picture of biking conditions in the city — the more representative it is of all riders, the better the results:

Participate in the bike union’s first ever online survey of Toronto cyclists. Spend 5 minutes to complete the survey and you will help the Toronto Cyclists Union improve conditions for cycling in Toronto.

This survey will help us know more about your commute, understand your thoughts on how to make city streets safer and learn how to better serve you and other supporters. You will also have an opportunity to share any views you may have.

john won a hoodie at the vegetarian food fair September 11, 2008

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Congrats to John E who visited our booth at the Vegetarian Food Fair this past weekend and won a hoodie by entering our draw.

We had a great time at the Fair, displaying our cargo bike and spreading the word about our co-op and everyone loved to hear about the cargo bike.

vegetarian food fair September 4, 2008

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We’ll have a booth at the Vegetarian Food Fair this weekend. Come down to the Harbourfront to check out our cargo bike in person and enter a contest to win one of our coveted hoodies.

Fuel surcharge for Sep August 25, 2008

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Good news!  The monthly average for fuel surcharge has dropped by 2%, thanks to the reduction of gas prices reported by the Ontario Ministry of Energy. That means that the fuel surcharge for all trips placed in the month of Sep will be 9.5%.

Remember – CCT gives the car couriers 100% of the fuel surcharge charged to clients because they are the ones that pay for their gas.

Courier Co-op’s Cargo Bike “Greens Up” Toronto August 21, 2008

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What is that? A Bicycle Truck? Wow! Great! Super Idea! That is what Toronto has to say about Courier Co-op Toronto’s new cargo bike. It is an attention getter with a purpose!

Courier Co-op Toronto plans to “green-up” the city by reducing the amount of carbon fuel emissions being released in downtown Toronto. We are promoting pedal power and have purchased the prototype of a rear loading cargo bicycle. It has a cargo box base 36” x 22” and can hold in excess of 200lbs. That means businesses in downtown Toronto can send boxes, architectural drawings, film canisters, flower arrangements etc from Dufferin to Bayview and up to Dupont without the negative impact of a car. Cargo can be stacked high without risk to the cyclist because their vision remains unimpaired. The two wheel base gives them agility so they can move quickly through traffic just like a regular bike.


Courier Co-op Toronto is inviting Toronto to name the bicycle. We want the name to say something about the bicycle or about its environmental benefits. The prize is a very cool looking Courier Co-op hoodie plus the winner gets to name a downtown company that gets to use the bike once a day for a month for FREE.


[ more pictures ]

The cargo bike was created by the good folks at Bilenky Cycle Works.


Courier Co-op Toronto is owned by the couriers and was formed to take a leadership role in improving employment standards worldwide, raising the bar on mutual respect between couriers and clients and reducing the eco footprint of the same day courier industry.

Courier Co-op Toronto earns its money by doing courier work and selling merchandise and shares. Courier Co-op Toronto is supported by shareholders worldwide.
Help us “green-up” Toronto by sending your boxes, drawings or parcels by bike instead of by car. Please visit http://www.couriercoop.ca now or call Cheryl Douglass at 416-677-1449 so she can set you up with an account.

P.S. We encourage you to share any ideas you have that we may be able to implement to help reduce the eco footprint of the same day courier industry.

Preference shares are now available July 16, 2008

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We’re very pleased to announce that Class A Preference Shares are now available. If you’d like to make even a small investment in the co-op, here is some info:

Class A Preference Shares are being sold for $20CDN each, with a minimum purchase of 2 and are entitled to receive a variable rate dividend which is set at 2% above the rate of TD Canada Trust’s 5-year Guaranteed Investment Certificates.

Individuals buy these shares as a way to support the Co-operative but also they could end up being a nice investment. Within the first 5 years, the success rate in Canada of co-operatives is double that of other business models. The reasons for this are believed to include being more cautious and thoughtful in decision-making, the emotional support members provide to other members, and the pooling of talents, resources and skills and the support of co-ops everywhere. There are 2.3 million co-op members in Ontario alone; that’s one large family! Our funding comes from investors, members and income from product sales and companies who use our services.

You can find an order form by going to http://www.couriercoop.ca and clicking on the “supporters” tab, or by going to directly to http://couriercoop.ca/forms/Preference_share_request_form.pdf. Thanks in advance to  all those who can help out!

Show off your co-op pride! July 14, 2008

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CCT merchandise is now available in the store on our website.

Choose a hoodie, a tshirt, or a patch to show your co-op pride. T-shirts and hoodies have this image on the front:

(click to enlarge)

Get ’em while they’re hot!